Customs Duty Rates

Typical Customs Duty Rates for Vehicles

The following is a table which outlines the typical customs duty rates for specific types of vehicles. Please note depending on the specification of the vehicle the actual rate may vary from the rates presented in the table.

United KingdomJapanThird Country*South KoreaTurkey
Car0% 6.3%10%0%0%
Agricultural Tractor0%0%0%0%0%
Commercial Vehicle (Gross Weight less than 5 tonnes and engine size less than 2500cc diesel)0%6.3%10%0%0%
Commercial Vehicle (Gross Weight more than 5 tonnes OR engine size more than 2500cc diesel)0%13.8%22%0%0%

*Please note if you import a EU manufactured vehicle from the UK, third country customs duty rates typically apply. offers a professional, efficient and personalised online customs agent service which will enable you import your vehicle to Ireland without having to worry about clearing customs. For more details go to Request a Customs Declaration

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