Customs Declaration Process

A customs declaration is extremely complex requiring signifiant customs knowledge and expertise. If you are not a customs expert, you will require a customs agent to complete the process for you. delivers a professional, efficient and personalised online customs agent service which will enable you to import your vehicle to Ireland and clear customs easily. This page describes the steps involved in the process of completing a customs declaration with

Step 1: Request and Order a Customs Declaration

Use the following link to Request a Customs Declaration. On receipt of your request one of our team will contact you.

Step 2: Send Your Documentation

Once you have ordered a customs declaration you will be asked to provide the following documents:

  1. Sales Invoice
  2. Vehicle Registration Documents
  3. Proof of Payment
  4. Ferry ticket/details/invoice and costs of transport
  5. Any other transport costs/documentation associated with importing the vehicle

In some cases people cannot provide all the required documentation listed above, e.g. if the vehicle is a gift or the vehicle was purchased in Northern Ireland. Our team of experts will help you to identify alternative documentation to the documents listed above if required

Step 3: Prepare Your Declaration

Once we have received all the required documentation we will then prepare your customs declaration and calculate the amount of Customs & VAT owed.

Step 4: Confirm Details & Make Payment

Prior to submitting your declaration we will send you a summary of the key information that will be included in your declaration in an easy to read format.

We will also include instructions on how to pay the Customs & VAT owed.

Step 5: Lodge Your Customs Declaration

We will then lodge your declaration with customs and follow up with customs directly on your behalf in the event there are any issues.

Step 6: Custom Declaration Release

This is the final step. Once the declaration has cleared customs and all taxes are paid the declaration is released and we will issue you your SAD document which you will need to take to the NCT centre with you when VRTing the vehicle to prove you have cleared customs.

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